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Company Overview

Zhejiang Tianyi Machine Tool Accessories Co., Ltd. is located in the prosperous Luqiao District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, close to Yutaiwen Expressway, 6 kilometers away from Huangyan Airport and 15 kilometers away from Haimen Port. The transportation by sea, land and air is very convenient. It is a developed area of ​​private economy in my country.

The company is a professional manufacturer of chucks in China. It is a private enterprise restructured by the technical backbone of the former Huangyan Machine Tool Accessories Factory. It has accumulated more than 40 years of practical experience and work skills in the production and manufacture of machine tool chucks; it has unique technical strength in all aspects of manufacturing and processing; it has strong production capacity for independent development, design and manufacturing. The company mainly produces three-jaw chucks. At present, we produce three-jaw chucks with the largest diameter of 1000mm in China; and chucks with a minimum diameter of three-jaw and four-jaw chucks of 50mm. According to user needs, we design and produce various types of special chucks, with an annual output of 80,000 sets.

We wholeheartedly welcome friends at home and abroad to contact our company, negotiate trade and technical exchanges. We are willing to listen to your valuable opinions and return you with a superior cost-effective chuck to promote friendly cooperation that is beneficial to both parties.

Zhejiang Tianyi Machine Tool Accessories Co., Ltd.

At present, the factory building is more than 10,000 square meters, and there are more than 200 employees, including 18 engineering and technical personnel with college degree or above. The company has a chairman, general manager, marketing department, technical department, financial administration department, 4 workshops, a measurement room, and an inspection department.

The company currently has more than 160 processing equipment, including more than 70 CNC equipment, machining centers, heat treatment, salt bath, high frequency, carburizing, tempering, liquid sandblasting, flaw detection and other equipment, and the enterprise information exchange platform It has been established, and the application of computers in product development, design and manufacture, process management and various departments has been perfected.

Zhejiang Tianyi Machine Tool Accessories Co., Ltd. is striving to become a "Better Chuck Manufacturer".

Since the establishment of the company, the factory has determined the pre-development policy of "seeking momentum first, profit later; based on quality and creating market". And put forward "scientific management, careful processing, providing better products" as the work policy. The brand is "Tianpai", "Tian" is named "God", which means "customer"; "Tianyi" means "customer first", which is the company's service purpose, so the company's products are named "Tianpai", that is Always aim for customer service. From the chairman, general manager to each employee, we have established a sense of responsibility for quality priority and hard work, which is the spiritual pillar of career development and is brought into practical work.

Zhejiang Tianyi Machine Tool Accessories Co., Ltd. is also working hard to develop new products and strive for new growth drivers for the future.

The company's products have been tested as qualified products by the Provincial Quality Inspection Bureau, have passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, and have established a systematic and standardized quality assurance system, and obtained the national export product quality license, CE certification, and the products can be directly sold at domestic and foreign market.

Enterprise Advantages

  • Enterprise History

    Over 40 years of hands-on experience and skill level in manufacturing machine tool chucks.

  • Plant Area

    More than 10 thousand square meter’s plant can provide the stable production.

  • Quality

    Passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, and established a systematic and standardized quality assurance system.

  • Service

    "Customer first" is the company's service tenet, and customer service is always the goal.